The Scream

Tagline: "The terror of hearing blood curdling screaming in the night... with a twist."

The Scream

I can’t take it any more,

Crying out in self defense…

I turn, run to the door

Away from sounds intense. 

A bloodless, fearful screaming

I surely know of its intent.

Yes, I fear I know it’s meaning

The goal on which it’s bent.

And then I hear the wailing,

Piercing bone and mark

No other sound prevailing

Spewing forth out of the dark.

Dare I heed its calling?

„Dare I not“ the quick reply.

And now it’s simply bawling - 

I must go or else I’ll die.

I stand and feel my weakness,

As one condemned to death

I stagger in a bleakness

To the sound of my last breath.

There’s no other motivation,

Blind obedience is my thrust.

I stumble to my salvation

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

And then my eyes perceive him

And my heart it melts with love.

All I want to do is please him

And so I slip on a glove.

Gagging at the awful smell,

I wash away his sin

And now my son it seems can tell…

The nappy’s in the bin.

Carole Stolz © October 2021
(Word Count 184)

The Scream was the theme for the WEP (Writing Editing Publishing) competition for October 2021
Thank you for reading my entry.

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  1. I did NOT expect that ending!!! Love it!

  2. That certainly was a surprise ending! Well played. 😀

  3. Thanks for the unexpected (and very welcome) smiles.

  4. What a wonderful twist ending. Great little poem.

  5. Carole, and here I was thinking I was reading about DV and then the surprise ending! Wonderful entry for The Scream!

  6. Thanks Carol. Great narrative poem and loved the comic twist at the end.

  7. I laughed at the end. A diaper... what a lovely descriptions.
    Shalom aleichem

    1. Thanks Patty - glad that the Americans reading got that a Nappy is a Diaper!!! Nappy is short for Napkin which makes sense - what does Diaper mean?

  8. Hi Carole - I did wonder ... but wasn't quite expecting that ending. An interesting poem with a great lead towards its denouement. Cheers Hilary

    1. I had so much fun writing it Hilary - knowing the ending I could make it as horrible and frightening as I wanted!!!

  9. Truly well done! Love the ending - humor wins out!

  10. Great poem with a massive surprise ending. Loved reading...thanks for the smiles and this fun entry!

    1. My pleasure Nilanjana - so glad that you were surprised!

  11. Hi Miss Carole.
    Wow, what a great poem. Kept me wondering what would happen. Scary right up to the surprise ending. I laughed out loud for real at the cool twist. Ha ha. Thanks for a fun read.

  12. Your poetry flows well, and I enjoyed the mounting tension. Like everyone else, I did not see that ending coming. Well done!

  13. Such a fun twist! Nice poetic verse and such and unexpected ending!

  14. Perfection! I felt that coming, how sad I knew it all to well!

  15. Hi Carol
    A screaming fantastic poem. The end was unexpected. Great job.

  16. Chuckle! Odd, as I was following a school children's walk along a path from the shops the other day, and something made me think of how we teach kids what caring for someone is. And I could only think of the example of doing things like changing a nappy, because you want to care for the baby.
    Beautifully written :)

  17. Carol, what a delightful poem. After all the drama and tragedy that this prompt called forth ( my story too) this was such a pleasure to read. I needed that belly laugh.


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